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Water Garden
Foutain Pump
Pond Pump
  H series
  P series
  S series
  E series
  Y series
  L series
Mega Flow Pump
UVC Pond Filters
UV Sterilizer
H Series
         H Series
         Non submersible use at the side of the pond,below the water level.Novel and elegant
         appearance;Optimum filtration. Simple maintenance with removable rotor assembly.
         Overload protection by means of a thermal overload trip.
P Series
         P Series
         Professionally designed impeller, higher efficiency & more energy saving.Adopts
         ceramic bearings for continuous use.Overload protection by means of a thermal
         overload trip.
S Series
         S Series
         All the electrical parts are embedded in a block of plastic resin.Dual use for inside
         or outside water. Prefilter is used for primary filtration, efficient and easy to
         disassemble and assemble.
E Series
         E Series
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